Ania must deal with the impact of Pires’ death on Clara, and in the process, revealing that she is struggling with her own personal loss. The two are confronted with a new danger masked in a trio of familiar faces from their past.  Meanwhile in Turigus, Van Heerden confronts Jon Viscount and reveals his intentions for Sufan Roy and the rest of the Knight Guardians.


Cover by Gabe Sapienza. 32 Pages | AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER | SHIPS MAR'17

Knight Guardians of Relativity: Chapter 3

  • Story: Gareth R. Roberts
    Writer: Taran Chadha
    Artist: Abel Garcia
    Colourist: Irma Kniivila
    Letterer: Simon Bowland
    Cover Artists: Gabe Sapienza (A)

  • Solicit January 2017. Available in stores March 2017