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In a progressive era of social restructuring and a push for creative equality in the media, the need for complex, diverse female characters is greater than ever; it’s a way of “characterizing” the movement and embodying the different viewpoints currently catalyzing change.

WATCH Graphic Policy's Editor-in-Chief Brett Schenker review #NEWHUMANZ from May 2017's Comic Block by NERDBLOCK

NEW HUMANZ, a new sci-fi time travel adventure from TITAN1STUDIOS, landed in Comic shops this week and the early reviews have the multi-media studio poised for yet another hit.

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The best parts of science fiction, the science fiction that truly resonates with viewers, are the stories that connect to our humanity. While characters might be set in the future or the past, they are struggling with the same human issues we are today. And this is what TITAN1STUDIOS New Humanz #1 does very well.

New Humanz is set in Titan1Studios’ Relativity Universe and is about a mother and daughter struggling to maintain their humanity in a world and time they weren’t born in. Though the book is full of action, suspense, and a futuristic world, the real heart of the story is Riley and Sadie. A must read if you are looking to start a good story with strong female characters and a futuristic setting.

Knight Guardians of Relativity series and the Relativity Universe get off to a promising start with this initial issue. I’m looking forward to what the rest of this mini will reveal and see great promise for what other stories may lie ahead.

I was impressed with Chadha's ability to create a slew of characters for this comic, but add life, intrigue, and an air of complicated mystery to it, shows me a level of writing that many fail to achieve, but most strive for. Ruben Rojas' art is absolutely stunning. The over exaggeration, when it was needed, mixing slightly with the damn near perfect line work in this comic shows me a level of sophistication I am unused to seeing in most of the industry.

TITAN1STUDIOS' young zombie tale ZOMBEN #1 is for the young and young-at-heart, offering something fresh to the zombie lore. 

TITAN1STUDIOS is pleased to announce titles for Diamond Comics Distributors May Previews Catalogue, scheduled for on-the-shelf release in July 2017.

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