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A futuristic story of human endeavor and strength, pitted against the inherent weaknesses and conflicts that make our species both great and flawed.
Knight Guardians of Relativity - The Moons still sits in our orbit, ever watchful, cold, mysterious. Image by Richard Pace
The Year 2226,


Mankind has destroyed much of what we spent millennia trying to build. The great civilizations of the twenty-first century, that spread over the whole world are lost. The bridges of travel and freedom that bound us together have disappeared – destroyed by the wars that have raged. Nuclear wars that created inhospitable environments, disease, famine and brutality; wars that had all but destroyed the world and left human kind on the brink of extinction.


And these wars weren’t just fought with bombs and guns, man had a new devastating weapon at his disposal – the weapon of time itself; the ability to travel through time and change history meant that the Great Wars of twenty-second century were fought not only on different battlefields but in different periods of history.


The result was devastation. 



















Huge areas of our planet rendered virtually uninhabitable – much of North America, Europe, Africa and China were devastated; the Middle East & Australia had been destroyed, the population fell to only a few million spread amongst six remaining city states: Argentia, Turigus, Mauraya, Reykjavik, Han Yan Shen and Siraf. Each City State unique and isolated from the others – separated by a harsh and barren landscape where only a few lonely villages and hamlets remain, bandits roam and fugitives hide.




















The Treaty of the Fifth Age of Man brought forth a truce. The embattled City States, came together to sign an agreement that would prevent any form of temporal travel. The one remaining Relativity Machine would be guarded by a band of twelve men and women who called themselves the Knights Guardians. They swore to prevent anyone from achieving temporal travel and, if extreme circumstances demanded it, to use the remaining Relativity Machine to keep the world safe.


And for sixty years, the treaty held strong. There was no war. Time travel became a bad memory; the original Knight Guardian’s grew old as nature intended, some died and were replaced. Their existence became a cult-like mystery.

The City States developed in their own individual ways – some chose capitalism, others tyranny, feudalism or totalitarianism.  And as they grew, they started to forget the horrors of the Fourth Great War, powerful men started to dream once more of conquering the world and harnessing the might of time itself to make themselves immortal.




















The shadow of war was again casting its darkness across the world and only the Knight Guardians had the power to stop it.















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